is a

   a type writer this 'pain in the ass' /my side is your side/                                 rib of adam  eve/ 
the doctors 'medicii de teologie' .say she was first kinsmen to his tribe/ and the rouble double ii was
in the side
of your imagined heart 
 mouth        holding    sweet tasting secrets      the honey of your mouth
near your first brother  question does it exist before its template? question does itprove counter proof 
reproof  the cold treachery of those that have / does
the victim of violence know her name unspoken name of the furious
                                               ||||||||||||||||| But it was not a brother. what is a brother. its a mys tery. 
              rother. brother can you spare a dime?  a dime brother.
                                                                           a brother dime brother 

________________________Form the fictions : why the dictions fictions Duffy. Think of what Arp said. Remember Hans Arp? Arp ArpArp

  Man swims to woman  harbor in the desert   mouth
of tongue  who was woman's love ?

     her  breast    tongue    stomach    legs flashing/loving 
        her legs coming wrapping around/ the man's heart/ his  heart/  his head clung to her /crying / as the night/


Alright so each poem attempts to resolve a problem. Not each does . Or does .or does. Deo  does was . becomes another . opening out. a flower of the wall. her curtains, the curtain of her sex. the curtain of her bedroom  . her's the poem. she's the poem. her body 's the . al rligh the curtain. entrance her . okay  the verse wanting to solve a problem. of diction and placement. and opening the valued? space not a big word whats a big word? can a volume open time? time opens a volume a volme's a book . what a  book  . woman's body. a loved woman's body. a book infinitely loved.


mă de mână şi te
mana mana mea
mama mia!~

How long does it take to write. a good . poem. ten years. 25,000 ? a hundred million . the eartha  volume. a poem. how big is your bed?how big is your love? love'sa big bead. a .
wait. are you nuts Mister yffud?  drofflic _ Now take that remember the song. was the rich pour of the vase  the awakening of the sun?

____________________________ The serious ones took your space. the american and the other . always to take was. the goal. steal from them that.'ts. is that . but .
No butt!
Big boy!
You're a miracle
you're alive!
A flag Loving!

great than them anysday ~. of the varied rich. Knight. in your Notriding voice.
________________________________________ you gotta... grotto. scratch out the bad mistakes scratch in the good.

_______________________________take the 'traitors' . when he got fat. with the guilt of others. you were the sacrifice . so his fat was the shit he piled on the 'audience' of the ones and twos the threes of the followers in the   .yes. oh code! . this was the respite of weakness . envy. cutting the brother out of his legacy. as the fat made his fortune. and he married the enemy's woman twice. cause the fat one's from another 'payee' and resultingly he's ona different payroll. rolling in the dough. and the dole's for the others/ like you? /

  _________________________________ Now what is the st ory here Duffy? Sortie. Everyone wants to know the story. but finding the story is half. the half that. yes, the 'estory' is 
not so easy to say. as we search to climb. Vines. he sees vine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Not a ,
a vowel. or an iota. what lingo, or tramps speech of steam speech . idiomglum. hold. yer fiery. steeds. O . o is a letter in the alpherbetter. its a vowel. an Owl. A Vow. A cowl.a caul hiding the face of the song? whats the alpha of that patter.

Come back to later. Next . Soon of more to. watch them 'to's' an 'ofs'

You cant stop. Dont. go on.frottage. come back. it's more. say to see. come off it!  a voice . yelling . hollering. aword. banking the river

later. to   .
 eat  a man's gotta eat . sometime .

even if his typewriter's slow.
                                                              in the next one we'll get rid of the typewriter.