May all the world have a Happy Happy Happy non capitalist birthday! 

 ______________________________ the world have a Happy Happy Happy non capitalist birthday!_

_py Happy Happy non capitalist 

May is the season of revolt. and I am reading
 the Oddyssey.  by Mister Homer. a blind 
greek poet . he wrote another book the Illiad.

these are good books. very funny! written a 
long time ago. a thousand years. back. before time was . and the world. was grey and black.a book of . cities and ransacks. All in all it is a funny book. Eyebrows raised  isn't it rather more than that ? of course of course everyone
knows th at but I want is the funny the funnies. I think  you are blind. We're working onthat. on that working blind funny to the working of that Odd E see Odd I see. 
________________I think are gonna fail in school!
O No I did ve ry good in school. I got the best grades .
in my class. we were 1 billion students and I came last.
That's not good! it's not bad, actually.
_________________Anyhow, the story is good. The Oddyssey. about a guy at sea. a bit bad he is ransacking cities and raiding towns and dragging people off . but hes very sympathetic. in spite of it all. you sort of forget it, as you read it.  Its a big book so it's hard to remember it all! and its written in great big strophes that ring out! 
for all to remember yet! one forgets anyhow.Strange paradox of big poetry.

___________________________ Big Poetry
                          Big Book   ~

 Anyhow did you read the book?
 Yes I readed id
  it was very good
  it was good itwas the verygoodest
    it was good
   it was gooder
    it was gooderest
              I read the book