re _reading and


I've also been reading and re-reading Augustine's City of God  (his latin I can read unlike Virgil's __ 

strange bewitchment and enchantment of languages forgotten and recalled    at       )

, a very old copy that I own,and it's much better

 and simpler to read than Empire. which I did start over ten years ago, and to this day I can say it's badly written

 in the sense it's too convoluted and unnecessarily 'compliatecd ' in  misleading way. their god intents

are not excuse,

 Hardt and Negri are both teachers and academic who ought to write better  and if not they ought to have found

someone to make their rather simple ideas come across Simply.

There are moments in that book, as with Empire and Commonwealth when I feel i am reading the essays of students

 that never quite got it,

                     Now that's not something i care about here

                 but i do in books,

                                                   that pretend to care,

       which theirs does,

                      so it goes!

                                                     Kick that can!



reading or re-reading

           r eading or re-reading   as if for the first time  the book Empire

                                          our sovereign status even as individuals is comprised by t he State by Empire

as for commas and colons,

                                         semi-colons and run on sentences,

                    let your writing be a construction as it goes along

                finding what works and doesn't


tell ...


  tell   about the lady from a year ago

              what happened?

         tell a tale,     it'd be long  to say   repeating and retracing, the ins and outs,

                     the fronds and frails,
                                                                                       the calls and wails

                                            the eyes and ears,
                                                         and a sound never heard,
                                                                           a breath not whispered in ears close by,

 and   since ,

                                since time has passed and passing

                     i'll say it went south

                                                    and went off the middle as i understood it,

                       from there on in,

                                                          it was my fault  things  going,

                                                                              went off kilter,

                    my fault being the greater,

                                         and i wish her well

                                         and great blessings to her,  to her family

                                                                 to those she loves,

                               to her and her heart ,

                                                        well and wishing well,

                                                                                                  a well of blessings

                                            high and low, plumage of smoke

                                                                           high tidings, and green hopes,

                                          each fragment,

                                                                        each fragment a cloth  of    gift
                                                                    and the tell won't be told here ,

                                              like this, in this small space
                        of the announcement ,

                                                                      of rainbow and sky clearing




via donuts and conduit


  through clicks, and            ,                                           clues,                        an keys,

                                                 winking mirrors, displaced selves

   wired room  s,                                                                 twisting surface ,

                              slippery  glass

                 it's how you walk  through the world,

                                        it's how i've walked

       could a woman know that

                   could  a lady know this

                        o  these choices

                  once on t he sun in a winter day
                                  she grew her brain
                                green as grapes
                                                  knocking out the soup tureen with her foot




__the innermost __layer


                     the 'deepest layer' is really beautiful

                                                                              it's really quite beautiful


                                                                       the colour the arrangement

                                      i saw it
                                                         through   a  series of magic mirrors

                                                                 here and there

                                over hills and valleys

                                                         through not so secret lens and clandestine pulleys

                              what was it called that  most recent one

                                                    but O so lovely and the red and  the color going sideway
                                                                                  side along


                                  how to       make beautiful           t            h            i           n            g             s


Re: does it ?


Re : does it ?


  In fact the other blog is not a flagship 

                    it's a little satellite whose purpose (when i first 

     got it going a couple of years back really was 
to showcase the entirety of the blogs that I've   done,

                                                one could say it's an experiemnt. as blogs are experiments.

           this one___ here that you are reading    cannot close,


                              because that what it make it forget Poetry and not Recall to Poetry 

 and what would that avail if the whole machine lost its parts  ?


                In fact_________blogs of clifford duffy use a classic blogger template 

                         so the look it has hearkens to an earlier period of blogging...

i've been thinking of moving to wordpress to blog however, i do  realize that word press

  (there's wordpress. com and word press org one   


as a poet

i'm keen


















is                  ___ or it sure looks like it's limited by its  overall concept   ,

 maybe i'm wrong,

             they're still utilizing the book frame of reference

   i d like to integrate elements of the tumblr interface blog which permits endless scrolling,

                   in blogspot you used to be able to have  i m quite sure an endless number of posts

or at least 50 per page

                 now it's around  12


O scroll

                                                    O poll

                                                                                        O  goodess goddess

                                                                  where are you with your breasts and dresses?


does it ?


  does it mean this blog is closed because that one is the location  now?

                       O no not at all .





this    old blog  of mine has new reconnected with a blogger classic template      


the template is so unformed the profile is 'glued' as it were to each post! each blog posts makes one the bloggist identity.





___ times are


                    times are public we  

                           we                                                                                times are private  we

                            public times are                      private

                                                              i can see with your private eye

                         i can see with my public private eye

                             invite the I that's private  public for a  private view   of you 





______________________________ a training word alluded to  contained
                                                  within an older eagle my old emblem
                                                           from Blue Dog Plus

                                      beagle ___________________beagle ________________


  there was the jaguar /& eagle and the camel yes, the long training camel tramping
                                                      for days






 AN Ocean between  them

     two egos
                               across  two lives

                                                                 two  not speaking

                         two bodies     from stone and iron
     not lichen and moss
   meadow and flower
                                              dandelion and grass

  not swimming
                    or holding   and they're not wooing in the avenue
           and it's not narrative native night
                      nor the silver smith dialogue of the truth

      but the 'cold'    deep          the       cold grey     very chilld

     colder water the  colder upper air

             between them

                   a hammer !


.. each


                                              Franckly each paramour his leman knows 





now that's a word you've not heard since ---------------------

    but it almost rhymes with nuance 
              t he marquee thing didnt come off, did it?
                       but it's friday afternoon,
                    with the world ending sunset  its beauty
                                             ever infinitely renewable
                            ever usually intimately renwable

       you can always come back  
                  to it fixing
              that marquee
              or the truth
                    of being
                       & fidelity
                            crowing or corraling crowding
                     someone's place's not the best way to ride 
                              free into a sunrise  
                                 riding into a cosmos of pink wash sky and blue hyaline
                                                                   lips of clouds
                     tipping at the edge of the furrowed sky







                                    ___O now that's a lovely word

                           (spoken with)               a British accent 

                                          an English accent
                                      an d   a French mouth  a              French   mouth  



__ you meant --


  re collected and selected  ..... you meant?

 C.D.  i meant the completely uncollected works! the selected
   repression and compression, the sunshine the walk a day,
  Homer's talk with me concerning the words he first wrote down

                   and/poor oldHomer blind, blind sas a bat,

   near Sparta, and yes, the old hills rang , with seeing gods
                                                    and swords


  how do you collect the uncollectable? the engines and maruaders want more

thinking they own with their piglets and sacks of gold, silver,
    the infinite electronic dust of credit, debit , interest
             the round of cash and crash, cache,

   and the period goes where the comma goes,

 your reel work's in     n            that fatonic heaven
                    where jurists and others of their ilk
  dont  get past the gate

                   when where the man treading ahead
                      in                       space 


    the dung dusters and dung dumpers came later
    as always ripping and sniping
       the great tide of vision
                      their fail safe buttons askew
     i have nothng to tell them,


              the middle was where things happen

          not the side   
                   in the middle of things 

losing caution two fell off the middle 
          then none grew

    two fell out of the meadow
           then dung grew


my new book  is is very  long  





 st'arted     two new long poems .. publisher not happy but then i said

          forgot the idea of  ,

                                  i said  to them  ,         

                                                     proposing the idea of a collected poems,  or selected poems

                            whichever one comes coming first the one followed by the other,

                                                                                  and that seemed reasonable enough  

                           as  there work enough now for years  ,



Rey: snail a wa y ,


that didnt quite come off did it?   back to the drawing board     it's fun it's drawing   it's drawing it out
   darling  pigs of the experiment   al exper i mental  mental
   elemental    menss some workword from greek o them greeks laid some foot tapping .....