Bank Holiday


  Bank Holiday ______________

              no such thing in Canada,

                           no banks (tanks), no holidays  (in other people's misery) , no  credit, no necessary                             measures relieving the debt
             the poor and tarnished, the feeble and weak, the one hundred emigrants, immigrants, passport please police passport control,  the weak, the halt, the, 
                                       the wankers, refugees , fugitives of justice, cowards,
                                                          figures of speech and money, honey dripping at their side,
    neither friend nor enemy,
                                                                hordes of monied capitalists fleeing their
                               countries of origin, false flashers,

                                                              the I Ching said move yr ass,
                           sing your butt,


Blimey, you're gobsmacked,



it isnt, responding to an editor, who misread Swords for words,not noticing the anagram,


it isnt wriitng which will fix this mad societ y  , it's writing which helped create it and which is detroying it and us all,

 writing is war,

 war   ,,,

soit must end,


but : you married someone ...

  but : you married someone ...    new  you married someone new  she was old
                                                                 not new at all not bitter as a bulldog snapping at your toes
                                                      a woman whose face puffed up (due to pride)
                                                               the thousand and one resentments of sin, and pride,
                                                                or her beauty, came back backward  haunting her,
                                                       her ass once beautiful becoming the ugliest part of her visage
                                                                 showing the retardation what was there all along,


An unkind verse in a time of  hate,



how about ?


     how about Iceland?

                                                   how come you were ?

                     Ah that's another story,  a tale spun and wreathed with long rocks, and golden leaf,

                         ~                                                                             `


twice you thought


 twice you thought you were someone else failing that me wondering

        about the hook of your hand the turn of your waist
                        the circling of your eyes

                                    the twinning your hope and mine in the sunrise weave of  the sky

                            (and) ran we ran down the road raising dust and love, breath all awry with  ,





  tramping the hills  near Pisa  P.  in your  backpocket

             one glance toward the hills Padua

                        rain came went splattering,

                            sun spattered pavement


you thought


   you thought reaching a bridge in the water's where you'd find me
      but her kiss was me was mine holding arm in arm round the lake

    her arms circling your waist was I and me holding the darling beloved
                      escaped to me of all men

     Now if Jill got dramatic she'd writer ' crucified in the sun' !

                               what hyperbole!

 but beauty is what r'e we speaking about an fear, fear in the  body being beaten

 as-you walk the street, strangers jumping out pounding your face into the ground

that was in your body, which in this instance,is me, mine, the me I, the one what's not fictive

 but reigned

   in but fictionalizing it was the person-hood of Persephone,
            of your lover, the woman you'd call your own

clad in gold not a book,  a dumb  book more boring than print, deader than a song,

 a  record, a disc,  a tape , we  wanted something alive

   int he moment,


                     hours later, our bodies tumbled
                                   headlong into the void

                                 ass over belly backwards,

                                                out of the mother's thrown womb
                             hurled panic,
                                        yet somehow softly landing  , falling  into the world o,  f,
                                                             immanence, the real thing, eh,



                       her kisses were mine
                               her lips were mine her happiness
                         which was joy on her face
                                      made me happy glow
                            ing to see her, glow,


                                               what word was that Orphee?
                                                                                                  we'll come back later


                                    (not pretending like those  that      `     )




names and , vows, not ___________________,


                            vowels consonants and names not something you can explain


you married someone ...


 you married someone else else likewise breath  holding its turn
  night you were waiting  at the gown the door the waning moon
     arriving right at the hour she an acquaintance in good standing has failed
          to see what's under her nose

                  always knowing otherwise else-wise  i dont why they tell is the crew
                                 maniacs doing the end of others brood infinitely
           on the definite nothing


                          the question is how many bodies did you love ?

                                              puffing onthe wind of your
                                            & this mouth 
                                                           kissing at you,

                                               tearing at your ______  (censored)

                                    panting i lie inside and on top around tangle loving you,

                                             too late,    too early


                                       when you married you know kissing her was kissing me
                                               through the river of veil, pleonasm,

                                                    you were kissing her but me,

                                                        beloved you were beloved by everyone
                                                           more and often than you knew

                                                    beloved kissing her was kissing me
                                                         you were kissing your beloved missing me
                                                                      imagining love any other way folly folly a deux

                                                                               "I " have found the body of love,





' Surfaced


                              Someone said i surfaced but i was there all along,

                                                 simply on the other side of the page, you were, looking out a the sea, a correspondence state of reckoning, building big books, keeping others, aside, in your hohoho merry way, crumbling brick and mortar ,

______________________  Yet off the ladder,  F ranny,  +  Jill knowing better aren't seeking conspiracies of desert islands, but columns of monks going off into the desert? Or ,

                                off into the desperate building their 'churches' for centuries,

                       shapin' and retooling history according to a certain hysterical mode  l,
                                       not necessarily one you'd like to
                                    sleep with either,

                but Fanny kept her tool box ready for a moment's notice repartee could change
                                anything , everything ,   love, war,      the tea  party,  a rhyme splendid going backwards,