ImMargin .... |


      Immargin! tryin to read a blog like a book hen a book dont exist anylonger as a book is a  body long gone from her truth path my lover a book was annoyed in her face over a plane long left

    immargin ! to read a page of this size as a book of print, old stinnky love pages!


                                                                      its a perpetual work as a  lock of hair,      from  over the sea to                                                                         to shining sea                                                                                                                  and love's bid is                                                                                                                                                                                    adieu adieu,




  Retain postage if necessary    return to sender   

                                           ender you 'r love gender bitch if calender, cope that goddog,


 autumn  ,         

                       lorca leaves



  the comma's a dot on the page,

     had thoughts of  a   difference    between the saying of page
                              the electronic   ,

            &;              riddle d by work and night's  ,


__________________________ 'love'


     two bodies at a distance crashing into one another too quickly losing sight of the pace ,
  a necessary timing gone out of the window,   caution thrown to the wind,
  acrack in the egg,

                         the body without organs spilled                     all over the place,

a d eterritorialized soup                    splatters the recipients    causing shock,
      caused shock, never never nerves  blasted,

                             no caution,  too fast,,,                        too soon,  the shouted down  phone,

 the busted fantasm,  the imagined wife,                           the lover of old

                                  the body  broke  n,             if not   woken,

   hope? for what discourse,             what conversation fade d over the too much too soon,



  you get cookies in your puter an browser
                                  an           love cookies

                                                       love biscuits,                bite too bite one an two,

               but you too,
                                       but you too,
                              bit you too,

                                  bit me ,
                             bit bit,





autumn ..fall ...


atutumn .. fall just a  little past a year 



don't (notes)


 dont read!

at the edge of my body/your body


'slapping someone with a double lawsuit'

zircon -wordlearn







                 with    o  u   t         

                                                        o                                              f

         b                r                      e                                     a                          t               h





   3 deaths in one year  is enough to kill anyone
  i don't even know how to speak to it,



Re: hypertext... connotation.. denotation..

Re: hypertext... connotation.. denotation..    

  re book versus digital reading/ and or writing i think we're moving gradually toward a format that'll be  somewhere between the two

 as it's clear the printed page and book has become too heavy,

   too weighty!

      it's ironic but you can read more online __and at the same time,
     (ie tabs etc.) than with a  book in hand,

   on the other hand,


    there's that question of 'depth'

 thus the idea of the inbetween invention to come,

which is already being worked on an d  worked out,

   poetry can't just be limited to a  book,

   written and printed,

------------------------------ perhaps the infinite connotations and denotations of that consists of finnegans wake and the other endless profileration of twentieth century texts,

    was the start of ending this  book notion,

 and then there was theory,


   a book is nice,

              on the other hand,

 who has  a book
and for how long?



more to come,

more to go,

  long sentences  in the snow,



f|ace the fi.|nal...



               dont come here looking for      soetry 

                                           je suis un alphabétiseur



reading ... and


  readin' and reading undernearth the bridge .. the redoubt no doubt the betrayal of old and new
   what's  new with the pathos of performance a delayed form of involution
the tiny volition of what's nothing
   but  a few
  not a   nought
a  change


.... read


                          and where
            of what
is ita aly                                           quote from                                latin

             she's                w          o                r            n              a           w      a    y
            the                      s                 t           o                    n           e

                                                               reading  a lapse on death

  that's 2 down                     
                                                what to go 
                               it's what you don't show   

(in latin)

                                          a                     little pregant thing
                                                                                                                           what perpetuates the
  turning round ofthe fat old global
                                                                                  off the fat offal

it's not quite a page is it?
the subjectivity of  a blog page
's not identical to a print one
nor  a repeated word
the same flunction
nor the dumb ass
hair of a word
nor the wood
not the the thing
seen  nor heard

but perhaps greater 
truer to
the spirit

of poetry


C.P.   True what does word signifiy to you? in  this instance.

C.D.  __ I think what i meant is the blog activity and the subjectivity is closer to the  actual creation
of poetry 

i dont mean true or real in some platonic ideation   or any reactive criticisms coming from that strain of thought...

   i mean there's something about the creation in the moment of a poem  a text, as its called...

Oh wait i have to go the phone just rang! i have to go!