a wether

tentative step's tendered its resingnation as nation rifts the slide of your calfs
woman lover  . So the she is rich to becomings as its hurtle fies . Forward its rainy check.
Now stoved by missives. As death's bucket rangs down Bang! Bang! this is the lover's troop
not the cheap singer. cellophane. hooked at decadence's mule cart. But she what is that
cadence sunken so far? is it far? Mister Moonlight wonders to peak. She garners. its witchood.
humbling beginnings rough. edged not beveled by keep  and other pleasure.northe dogs of
reflection. their heap of anger keeping down her sweet soliders sung.


 A process in the weather of the world

  (from Dylan Thomas'
A Process in th
Weather of the Heart)


eather for Montreal, QC

 Now Antigine checks her watch. The call 's come. Night.  Go!
2°C | °F Wed Thu Fri Sat

Current: Clear
Wind: N at 0 km/h
Humidity: 48% 8°C | -2°C 6°C | 0°C 4°C | -1°C 6°C | -1°C




                              tender the touch  of    
your deliverance 


Is the weather your god Mis ter Duffy? What god is the weather with its . and i. t's         
    yes ,     well we'll call that another day

 to hearted parts lips to hearted parts


                                                                primăvara este coing