Single as a button love's toy_ An InQuiry into Love's Capitalist nature

Are you rich
No I am a communist
single as a button and I only
go to bed with women on the first night
hips ready for love's tournament joist and bone
ached by the love of the sentinent being's final
but it seems
she wants degrees
Are you single

And if so why
Did you _ Who I wonder
is single and how many have you loved?
I love many as they love and what I cannot
love is love too

Are you a rich single button

First she was friendly
I added a link to her blog in one of mine
she never it seemed got around to adding mine
to hers I guess her buttons are all in place
and not being a bloggist she's snapped by
snail mail's snow bound pace
slow pace

How do you like your women?
O I like em and I like 'em but I dont like
sentimental rich singers complaining that some
women's left em O poor them and Poor them
I don't give a damn about them & their
rich man's poetry

O lady lady if she heard the kisses cut by the winding of the double kissed missed

Between the sheets and buttons
I added more notches than you can count
from port to port &village to village
I've ridden thighs and the horn lifted
a lot of crying out maidens
happy to their horniness not pretended
by love's many placed donate

O you don't understand this verse
It's a curse for cussing me behind my back

Give me your breast let that aureole shine
sucked wet at a lover's tongue
Your waist held hard on the hunking of love's buck

Give way to your pride it's nothing but lust
escaped behind its mask
making a failure of nothing but your fingers