Single as a button

 This is a ditty I hope to finish this week  ~ it's about being a communist lover. Who is single as a button. In this verse the I's gonna tell this that and that this. Coming off the grandiose package of rich saltines. Bad poetry and wreckless verse.                Most of all it won't be about moths that cant and wont fly and get over their dead daddies. About phones ringing and useless appendages and maniacal comers . Drifted schizophrenics and tub asses things angry at their own sex. Sexual desire.

CP: You are a monster as usual. Hurt and hurting as a pickle in an onion. A chopped lover sandwhich in roast beef. A puffed wheat in a sacrosanct something. I don't why you waste your breath on such tutti-fruitti.

                  CD: I do it for love. And a buckle.

______________A nd now another dirty picture!

Laptop! no less