Do ?


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re: 'concept'

their last book then is not their last book. but merely one at the end of the final series._________________I m not sure I understand you. _ Guess what? I am not sure either. but I m sure of this. that last book is just one at the end of the series. that death put a stop to.  you cld say.  On et Vous
We and You 
Nous et Vous and like that song said: Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir.
Voulez vous coucher avec moiVoulez Vous couchez avec moi ce soir?  (imagine how awful that would have sounded if it said Tu vue couchez avec moi ce soir? hahahah it wld. have sounded idiotic! cldnt work! ____The vous vous thing is very precious important, creates the necessary distance.
------------------------------------------- Cp you re tired. Cd yes. and it looks like i am moving again. Cp _ Moving.

-----------------------------------------------------( Its sexy because its Vous and the unspoken inbetween play of the intimate tu that's unspoken)

______________Go to the next page. soon. Okay.
re 'concept' -----------------------------------------------------------


errors etc

Do you always publish errors? Yes  . always. its the 'substance 
        of the thing
Do you  __________ me as we read together?
yes yes Yes

Do fictions of recall to poetry go along then with this series? are they bridge d in some footpath of desire shaped by the constant need to go beyond itself?

Do always write when you are sick ?

Often I am tired and write. I write and write and then I am tired. or live and live and then am tired. Tried as a wall!


More soon good book and her belly is brown as the feet of earth. and her satin wear and counting pane of goodness gracious me love.