the fr...


   i have the french of a  retard .. an ocean block[s] the view. a brain ham. a lonesome hog. a
  . what's that wind. a clacking at the gate. who's that cringing? cringe is a phony word. phony is  aphony word.a  word is a phony a word s a phoneme a  sound at the centre that is not centre that is me the self spun on the world axis . not another word. find self to outward gland. a bearing south in the wind. the book writing. no one's there.

hear. hear? hear that deafness in the dong dong of the night . of the night. of the night

  of the night               of the night

  'what was once wild land'            almost hit the road      .

     what does it mean to say 'i have the french of a retard' what does the root word tard hearken to? a lateness a delay not arriving at the same speed as the others as 'everyone'    as 'anyone'    

 it's about being on time  / about being able to speak on time   in time the time of understanding that others and even oneself understands    gets  across as we  say

  so its about time and if your time is late e ither from speaking or thinking too fast  and too slow

too behind the others 

  then you are retarded you are behind the others

 mon francais est retardee

  it's quite amusing when you think about it as  I was alive in the 16th century wandering through france
   a poet in my grime a prisoner perhaps as thousands of others but france was open if royal it was a free country
     lines of crazy escape were everywhere....
         what happened ?                                     -___ maybe I was killed in a sword fight i cant remember or struck down in the street by  being in the wrong place  or the night

was dark and i could not see
  and something was choking me  smothing me

  and i was dirty
     my face was dirty

     i was dying