to the


as hunger speaks o so their words too rough abusive
slangy ugly under-minding the elegance of the , and the desperate too
the desperate tomb, of the falling crowd

and its rhythm repeat  repeating this dust of crow and billow

Jill you started out that way, ending up a blind alley and a deaf and dumb place,  no? maybe? or a strange mouthpiece of the past and the bible days gone and the blindeded seer dictating the tender voice of, 

of this seer who's speaking? O come along now you  something . and other. (and) the lover's cartoon.
there's no spending like this. love one, this love one, none. like it's pending present to the lover's dock.


 Now of, of? no, if she continued this the rain'd stop 
seperating jewels and mirror from the water as its rain drop
hovered near earth churning its spitting motion to 
wonder at its riven still birth      ~. no one knows that love 
means carrying on this way ever wondering if a woman, the 
   woman loves you     ~.