re it and variations

Reit but variations are not necessarily differences _ she takes my breath away ~ click click ~ her coat coming off ~but her face
hurts? the sun then the swearing cursing foul language the threats of afalse security , those of poverty. not jesus and her sarcastic
vein nor the bitter ~ and ignorant that understand nada nada nada C Ah` Not sure saith Mona and her Jelly Roll Morton flavour. and the kids speaking the vulgar tongue of their collective parents.

 but if fiction is credibility and rolling syllabubhubbub! together Not  a simple mispoken thing to say. whats mean. mean? or meant? a clinging to her hair dragged blonde in the chair.  O well ah she's ah that way.

she's happy they left. left the I behind. not  a simple thing to do. leaving I behind . is that? is that so?

Aye indeed it is. I mean it is not easy to O to otot todo. Mona has a honey. she's not a masher's girl, that's for her sure with her hair-net whalebone corset. and her walkie-talkie . u doant speak angleshdoyew? she's hubbubtwohis regardingear. wanting her hugged arse, and cigarettepiffled lip.sssssssss.  In the cawcold she's been a lover'sregular body. not hung or sung, but wrapped in paper. A deer and reindeer to the delicate romance of touch an pensive unity.

so Mona so fiction So romance so Jill Jack and Franny not a real poem at all but a fake one a fakery , fiction, read to her seething pelvis. A ringround her venus holler.

So come along with her, their narrator.