you ask whether the page begins or ends
   where the page ends

if that was a poem would it be your name ?
it would
if that was a  poem it would be
 your name     ~ .

holding your hand between    ~

holding her hand between leggings and love's long lust dog
a page brilliant as anything might be by health abundance clarity
and its other things as sharing knows better than seeing and love's
bucket drips with the foolish welt? O welt! O wilt! O!

especially by everything that's held cash not an error but a 
voluptuous seeing

notepad lover don't you see there's nothing to escape
the knight is donned in her clothshield bearing the arms
of love and trouble? she's worn every suit possible her
accent is not false but her love is possible and each wheel
covers the other concealing the winningnumber. Is that your life? where are you       text come home  remain to
sender holder of preposition