Hear ye hear ye~ not an exclamation point but a bell ringing


How many longings in
how many hearts?

it may be that the only 
way to contact (some) people is to hit them. I mean life
hits them  ,   hits us , a t the center of our being    ~. What
happens to the becoming between? life and death breath and the
whole nine yards. Of darning wool, and other dreams we put off  .


 Well, it's a goddam prison and I am moving out.
Moving out of what ? of the negative of being and nothing-
ness. is that a comma or a hypen Mister duffy? and how 
come , what's  with the lower case D? Mister god with a big D 
as in your book? Is that it? is that what she said?

She said she said I am red, red, red. Deader than red. And I am
not the inquisition I am the speech which is free. And I'd love
to dance with you? Can you do the North American dance  ( Love to
boogie ) across the Atlantic? do you remember what it was like when you young? Hurtling
across the seven continents?

Love is a continent . Hurtling across the love sheets    ~. and
bearing gifts hither and yond   ~ .

The woman's thighs are thick and sexy full of life. the Power
of and the vibrations of life. Full of the sentinent being. and
she cries every night for her, her red hair . Her red harmen,a comm-
unist harem .