everyone knows this is your name

this way the sea knows your name surf splashes against the
black background of your thighs~over the night ringing louder  

it's not clamour that makes us being but being a rumour unexpected
with the night and her simple things parities of which only you

know the rumour ~ I repeat myself your rumour comes home to roost and
bending by the waves of an antique word a style rested by comeuppance more
than anything you undress requiring newts, nets, frog-bites, nesting between
his only thighs and a bear's rest the barest rest this could be what it's meant
to suggest signify carrying presents to your first hip the hourglass of reminders
and stranger who bears a result toward bliss and every nothing restituting 
each permanent thought and each glance that marries its thing

recruiting is not the same
everyone knows this name

everyone knows its here and there two toned to the bridge and my sighing 
close to your need sight-seeing 
your need sighing close
 to soughing over  hushing and

preparing bridges  come by nights and other wonderful
in french english in your heart 
lover not this way to forgot a special
space requisite to love's