roughly todate

_________________________marching dead/walking dead/ little wars/ big one/        
                           little one/big one everywhere violence_/and the fear
of it everywhere ___________A little lake waters quiet

      the wind shifts slightly
            history is a rolling thunder
            under the clouds the mysterious monster (nothing mysterious about it)state
killin its citizen(z)

  buffeted by bullet and barricade    bodies
                      hammered into blood and guts brains bashed
piled up bodies                          /// shoot those demonstratives
shoot their ass/ we gotta protect                           our state/ gotta spend
              (repeat after me we gotta gotta gotta )
a billion an more arm/to the hilt/ the 'cops' and helmet
goons protecting the / the bodies bashed/ bullet-taser
control./gas gas ___ no remembering of your dead

your loss
your land __ history is the history of uprisings

who owns this land?
said Adam
                        Me said God

Who owns this woman
me said

Who owns




                   In the death property gaze vessel a thousand miracles are  wrought  in the ice night

--------------------'  chicken shit'

Violence is cowardice

__________its violent harms hurts