_ah ~


you second rate hobo   ~  and it works like those   ~  that   ~  sends some  ~ her lips  ~
always a spoken word  ~ deteriorating at the elve level love's little knickerbocker
a tunin' thing a harp   ~ delectable on the days down  ~ her breasts stormy as a
 ship's deck   ~ what the heck she queries  ~ do you love me   ~love's alittle bugger
ain't it  ~ a tug ofwar down the ole' whachamacallit? a square where she played
hiking her skirts  ~

                             ________________________following the dizzy-dizzies of love's
disease we came to this south of the flanks heading for the ropes  ~ banged around
by thrusts and chewing gum no one saw what was coming     ~. Humming she
was as the book falling from her wet lap came on my ribs salting up my
Adam sake madam ma dame!    ~ is there no absurdity like your eyes?
If one cognizant  thought soft spoke your lips would the cities tumble?
shell fish  whales comfort zones big wigs and tommy trackers.... wait she's gone
off the radar reckoning on his hand inside that sex place by the way of her saucy
gown and bold moves on her part link him to the purring knees of her wanting   ~
he's this way cause he wants to toward every beckoning bridge    ~