if she knew

what would you do if you knew
about love's little dog should you know it was true 

about the dog's tail wagging 
in the wind
the dog's ass
(in the wind)
(a porpoise's fin
 a blue shark's pectoral fin)
  (thin as the rule
     at what was St. Dominic's school)
  (the friar's unkempt 
    the cadet's )
    (an the crew)
       (cahoots too-a boo
           chaos an'  crew)
carrying on like any like-able tramp
the wind bearing down  a  bum on a ramp
  clamp clamp clamp

the kind of drouth shoves  a lover head's south
forces a lover heading south
on a steamer ship  a whaling trip
and get a grip on herself with the tampan rift
the aeolion slip and clip  of a wave

flapping? around your mouth love's little decoy
O boy! O boy! what a tramp you are but no
material whore no material whore that's not you
it's not you it's not it's not but there is a few

who could be them that do as they shew tawdry
on the balance of their flag and what's lent unkempt
of the view
of the true white and blue and the 

the dew

only way to go round the Cape
and its true
its true pole

_________ So this is your view. Your viridian view green  an blue  ~ .

Tink tink tink. it's summer and achoo it's summer without you  ~. O coo~ O coo   ~ .

__________________________Was that you? In the metro dans la rue? I thought it was you but knew it was not you, not you, I knew it was not you, i knew, I knew 
it was    ~  not you,       but it,    but it   ,,  it looked like , it wanted to be , it looked 
like it wanted to be you  ,, it looked like it could have   might have been  wanted
it to be true  not you not you not you      ~ it was you I wanted it you ,
                              I wanted it you   , I wanted it to be you  ~  .