what about Japan? and the night birds    hawks dwindling to  reach?
    (the?)  perch of heaven  ('s) branch?  and the daring song
  think of that deathly  
                                     instant and the whirling down jets
   over the plains of Afghanistan
       the submarines trawling the world's water s

                        the death rays of the sun
                                   the ear storm of  surf crash bash an lash of  th e water
       ripping up the storm
                    tsunami to the 


this one holds her fort
this holding her career
those her house and   younger husband
banded by the law's litigious 
swarm of children
mating names


but no  I  ever pretended to be you 
   in the lover's warm pelt
 along the green
   or the belt a lady wears provoking her tormentors
   the seers of the city vamp
            the ramp of peering corner
                    the coroners of   flesh
    fresh in the wind of heaps
                     the raising torrent