Over the

____________  Chapping fading Chaptering : as pleat /plateau  ____________

           in the 
                                     with two friends a third new one

                                   at the cash
                  there's two    others    women by the likes of them

                                   she cupped my mouth in her hands
                                           cupping my lips up sowed to her mouth

__________________________Now that's a middle class english french the likes of every usual situation of hungry lust driven lips to hunger its tasted bowl of life

__________________And on the other hand across town the con the hustler keeping count to the jerk she's banging inside

  __________________in the residences  around the perimeter of the island penguins and machine gun nests rustle in the baking wind

 Jill and her tousled hair double lover to the mix max page jeep and  readies her double lover glitch the campaign arising from   cellar mates kerning and keening    ~. It's an Irish way and its barrowing along country roads and lanes does the trick   ~ triumphant as any Knight her riding boots got pins and rimed tires caps that sparkle in dark after moon showing   ~
its the trip for the heroes of this chapter :
Mated by bullion socks. Levees and burning lakes and property lost along the nuclear lake. Not of silence and disposition but of the world created storm, a gathering muscle of penetrating fogs manacling the peace of the earth.

Jill's sleeping the repose of wicked paternal nature. Mona has her number in feet. In extraterrestrial numbers. By the fog wain night. She's  a page to her squire's love. His body forked to her double tuned love   ~   hunger.  Restless to its keep. Challenged to its fate   ~  .


Someone said I not me you Not you me Not I not I not  I    ~