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Not a second after prayers end the chants against Mubarak begin
  1. ass Friday prayer in Tahrir. Powerful. #Egypt
  2. A helicopter continues to hover overhead as thousands and thousands mote come into Tahrir. #Egypt
  3. Many ppl wear construction helmets today, also some motorbike helmets, to protect against any danger of flying rocks #Egypt#Jan25

Egypt's 'final push' protests begin
Protesters flood Tahrir Square, for 'Day of Departure' against a president who has said he is ready to go but not yet.
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Live blog Feb 4 - Egypt protests


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12:35pm: Our correspondent in Alexandria says tens of thousands of people have gathered in the centre of Alexandria. He says Christians and others not performing Friday prayers have formed a "human chain" around those praying to protect them from any potential disruptions.
12:26pm: Friday prayers at Tahrir Square now. The sermon preceding it called for release of political prisoners and constitutional amendments.
12:22pm: Our correspondent in Cairo says people away from the main protest area are stying inside, fearing violence. She quotes one person as saying "I can't even trust my neighbour anymore, nowadays you never know who is supporting who."

Robert Fisk: 'Mubarak will go tomorrow,' they cried as rocks and firebombs flew