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An open democracy of desire for all men and women: a place between the strata of capture and boredom: to create art in whatever form suits them. Poetry then is a way of living, a state of mind, and a form of expression. Acknowledgments to: Tristan Tzara, Antonin Artaud, Bill Bissett, Felix Guattari, Jack Hirshmann, Gilles Deleuze, Jean Genet, Mina Loy, Hugo Ball, Emmy Jennings, Mariam Waddington, Gwendolyn Mackewan, Hans Arp et tant d'autres et tant d'autres.

Poetry as a Way of Life Expression _this poetry of the future_ what are becomings to be exists now yet exists on aural virtual visual plane and is a process of definition in and fiction| and other spaces of desire |clicks the rhizome space. criss cross frontiers mix melodies perform verse machines magics boundaries as usual A Recalltopoetryisawayof life and so many others et tant d'autres et tant d'autre_