....' everything...



 Everything you wrote is fiction?

      Yes, everything. even what was 'real' is fiction.

                                      the whole project was fictive in cluding the font
    the caves, calls, ring, moon, mud, lake, fire, gem, green, zylophone, optophone, latin,m, greek, the rule, the absence thereof  ,
                             All                 F i c t i     o       n


   )))))))))))))))))))))__________________________  I made it all up

                                                                                             Clifford Duffy




May all your moons be as bright and yellow as mine    ~
  gold's in the moon
    sun's in sky




_____________________> Add Postage

 I will finish it when I return. I am heading to Scotland (tonight) for a week.A performance artist who worked with me is getting hung, tying the knot, getting married, and a somewhat churchy affair too! (they've even paying  a part of my fare so I'll be there! ) then I am  to Ireland for a  week; Ireland(it was my grandfather's country) is one of my real connections to the world/ an anchor in the madness /




Questo che vedete qui dipinto in sanguigna e nero
e che occupa intero il quadro spazioso
sono io all'età di quarantanove anni, ravvolto
in un'ampia vestaglia che mozza a metà le mani'

Attilio Bertolucci


agencement poesie Nantes

   secret agent of skin and ears against its heighened hour 
  / spies /gothic castle

  they're rounding up the world of greeters 
 not knocked  back the sigh of the  sun
   gold gold gold
                               glitters in the pavement 
   joy reaches  the sun


Christine Montalbetti au @Pannonica Maison de la Poésie Nantes "la poésie vue par une romancière" ce soir 19h30 lecture + entretien + Gérard Lambert + "Love ...
'Jeudi 13 février "À suivre... ", découverte de nouvelles voix. Avec Isabelle Sbrissa et Marie de Quatrebarbes.
                   Présentation : Géraldine Huchet et Roland Cornthwaite"

La poesie Nante s  et  Montrea l


2, rue des Carmes • 44000 Nantes

En Mars quelque événements.
Mardi 18 mars Les éditions Le bleu du ciel
Conférence-concert avec Didier Vergnaud (éditeur), Didier Lasserre (batterie horizontale) et Ian Saboya (guitare électrique)
Échange animé par Guénaël Boutouillet avec les invités sur les relations qu’entretiennent les écritures contemporaines avec les autres arts.
Performance de Véronique Vassiliou (poète).

Véronique Vassiliou, née en 1962, est l’auteure d’une vingtaine de livres. On dit d’elle qu’elle archive, assemble, observe, aligne, bricole, fabrique... 





Moth 'rhymes with' Goth
 not     'teeth '
that   'rhymes' with grief
   'good grief'!

be 'debriefed'   soldier
the sky's a sunset
'charmed' with pink

it's fauvism 'at'
its best

a tangled energy

'level best'




... cité'

'Ce sont des villes !' (r)

                                         Unreal City,
Under the brown fog of a winter dawn,  ( Baudelaire et Eliot ~)
Fourmillante cité, cité pleine de rêves, Où le spectre en plein jour raccroche le passant! 

'                                         L'ancienne Comédie poursuit ses accords et divise ses Idylles :
                                                    Des boulevards de tréteaux.' (Illumnations )



Champagne-sur-Oise ,



Auvers sur Oise

(villon )   (jeu de mots)

_________________________________>    et apres Nante pour la visit avec

                                                                                                                      un peintre 


teach mindful


teach mindful beneath the heap of
under muscles of laughing mind
a buddha's strange smile!
delight  i come to bring you a light a light!

                                 pause at the edge of chatter_bug
not the jitterbug

the wild lucid light
chaps ring true the false flag
warning its pet peeve
a word take a  word  drag coin   standing at the corner

17e arrondissement Cité des Fleurs

 quelle plasir au Avenue de Saint-Ouen walking between the haunches of a woman

is this unbreakable?
 blessings of fingers, nails, her beak, bust
clacking along
with you in her wake
   as usual

  no one swore to remember to forget a
            passion a powerful kiss on the lips
   in the ribs in the lewdest city in this universe 

  of   dhows and cufflinks





It's nice to be   in Paris (Paree), in France.  South North and east, and all the west,
  to the (9 celsius degrees!) "portes de Paris' like


Porte des Ternes
Porte de Villiers
Porte de Champerret
Porte de Courcelles
Porte d'Asnières
Porte de Clichy
Porte Pouchet
One 'port(e)' leads to another    ~




his biggest mistake  ~ 'winter'  as creating the universe the universal uni Vers al
    artist  looked the other way    and

everything froze

  the warmth of his look lost in the rays of 'outer' space like a  gypsy who cannot reprieve his son

falling falling falling into the infinite nether reaches of death's clamor
a dirty breath for the sinful breed of its crumbling masonry
    who owns  a                world?
     here comes everybody 


 childhood is like this  a long dream
    created in a gaze long glued to the past
ripped in nostalgia
buried under sighs that count no bridge
a  baby glancing a t the tide 
 his father's gone

the universe crumbles

  that version 
      of its uneven pinch
stolen by the tides