there   at repeal disgrace with fortune & women's eyes I or  petitioning all alone beweep my in cast state an trouble deaf heaven with R bootless cries  And look were it less toil  to sway his nations than consume his life to head an army than to rule a harem A disk of blood distant & heav'ns & earths roll dark between upon herself and curse our fate wishing me like to one more ity-itch rich in hope featur'd like him then strait commands that at the warlike sound of trumpets loud and clarions be upreard hers mighty standard  like him with friends possess'ddessesiring this man's part and that man's scope o so jaonickally all barely in their typtap describing a charming dactylogram of nocturnes tears such as angels weep burst forth at last withal what most enjoy contented least

threw aside her arrowsand laid down her sounding Bow She sooth'd her with soft words  brought her to alamabron's bed  In moments new created for delusion interwoven round about yet yet thence his lustful orgies he enlarg'd buet even to that hill of scandal by the grove of moloch homicide, lust hard by hate imyself almost despising haply I think on thee  forest huge of spears and when my state like to the shark-lark at break of day arising from sullen earth bring hymns hymneal  at heaven's gate for thyore sweet 'ove remember'd For who can think remmissionsuch wealth brings that then you scorn to change my 

state witha thingking' silver key through your gate . -

I-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y the Lark mounted with a loud trill from C's Vale



i can feel it in my bones


  a winter song (old style)_____

i can feel it in my bones 
(alternate: you can feel it in my bones you can feel it in your alones (alones alones) )
i can see it in my ice-cream cones!

 what? winter snows!
   & truck blows!
never-ending woes!

hahahhah winter nose!
 frozen toes
  (alternate  as above you can see it in your ice-cream cones your cones your alones)
      & forbidden clothes &
 an things which glow in the dark~!



_______________'a 'g'ape__'_______

   that __________________| the beL_Ow__||||___________

was written a while go back and ought to be framed in with the notion of quantity and quality as it's discussed by Tristan Tzara over the course of several essays  written in the 30's & 40's of the last century.almost a hundred since he began to make his mark as one of the several co inventors of daDa the old hobby horse the anti-dialectic. Monsieur Antiphilosophe.

the idea of poetry as knowledge which is exponential to the  movement of class history and  this is entwined with his understanding of Hegel and Marx and the transformation of property into poetry as a luxury whose event will be for all in the future. as in Lautreomont's cry that Poetry should be made by all and Everyone .

Poetry must be made by all and not by one. ...


also the ideas expressedthere are limited to a frame of reference i do not hold to or no longer. there isn't nor can there be one frame of reference but many are what's needed and what's the actuality of things is there are numerous shelves or areas all cloaking around differing and similar idea and monitors of idea, concepts, notions, practices etc.


One has to ask what is poetry? if 


______________the below is the older text    _______________________________________________________________________________

it seems i gotta take back what I wrote about Pound and Basho. im not sure it would have made any difference had Pound read Basho, prettyset in his ways he was. a racist delire? something each of us faces nowadays. more so as the world splits splinters and falls more apart more than ever, its downward spiral a spin no one has control over diversity become the enemy and the sadness which pervades the world. 'fear to bring children into the world' to quote that old dylan song _ its been a long time since i heard that in my head

agape to the 'whole bluddin world;' 'Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas! 1
Calling all downs. Calling all downs to dayne. Array! Surrec-
tion! Eireweeker to the wohld bludyn world

Joyce's Reprise to the speaker's Wasteland ending....

O Jeff Nuttall wouldst thou wert alive now!
Children of ALbion!

there ye have it!

one of the last lines of finnegans wake

One must keep writing the prose poem of one's life and write
24 hrs. a day.
I am always writing even when not with pen in hand.

my favorite word.


speaking of writing
i found this

Writing is like having sex with a beautiful freak; adventurous and uncomfortable to the extreme." - m. lecrivain 2004i love it



 and what is writing ?



am A




you are I am a hippy   post punk hippy  live like one. Possibilly thee last one. A poet, that is what is

that? something no    It is a way  
 not a way to use people
or use them. sex      has nothing        to do. with becomings

You (i) are- am a hip    who lives by the word which word  a word
not the dirty lie of fantasy

wait is my body my own?
   is your body your own?
your very own body yr very own body?

Not yours (neither mine mine lover) , you prisoner of love
I am the voice which speaks

your name between my sheets
                                                      waiting all day long for your name

A poet a hippy useless things(Sa....e)

foR the world to create

the above text& text image is an experiment |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||



..nature ...


the schizoid  divided &  secret?    nature of writing ,

                      books , texts , print , writing , film , image , material ,

                                 song, rhapsody, poems, blogs ,  hands,    finger, star,

           breathing  ,  not breathing       
                                                                              finding air & death   





And the singular string of marine trumpets


Et l'unique cordeau des trompettes marines



seasons /false/ draft


for those every word's a dollar
        others like myself each word's worth the future and past

naturally there are variations of that
 yet in the levels and 
scaffolds the plateaus of daily life they are stolen from you





  atomic clock

  time's relative 

    pun there

           machine breaking down
                  bound to happen

                        it happens

                           part of the   clock

              clock ofthe time

            time's cock

  a doodle-do

  a tomic

      between the time and delay

                                 delay of body meeting another body sauntering down the street
              takes time for  abody  to meetanother one
  a delay takes

 time a body dying getting old

 ill catching up with itself over the death


   of the humor that once made something alive



O ( )r say .....


which is nowhere 




heathens is a 'nice' word

   nice word nice word nice word niceword iceward icewarduh icewar

   it's made of he and hen and then

  & prayer is rare

it rhymes

someway or another

 'maybe'  'perhaps,'      'was it your  hips?'

  & the way you  read down a t the beach place

prayer's simple dial tone
an after-life to god and all

 eafers and dumbers as the maiden





give them bread not water Socrates
   on the tips of your finger    at the arroyo     a sand storm brewing?  it's keen hearing that wind .. hurts

the ear      ~



and here


but why here? it's where we lived for, that time,   4 years near broken into parts of time on that road, and the  view over the cathedral's terrace
   down the it gathers a crowd daily
   the wind    knocking along     over there  bunching his finger
   she turns  eyes smarting with the breeze, no t  watering
    with this the softest breeze in the Western world

  the campanile as you know is

path, route, road,
way, rail, ten, ring, fair, clearing, hedge, ornate , brass, silver, door, weighted



o ya see you gotta


so ya see you gotta treat the blog like awashing board/work /around it/ Jill's mug is a teapot. dont force her verse into unclayed pots.shes got this spot. Ought that to be her fix. breaking off the tranquil piece of the word?



.. there's something ...


i  just saw that  

                                      there's something Blakeian  about this word  'Oroonoko'
                              (youknow whatImean? yousee what 
                                    I mean?)
   Maybe Melvillian ?  perhaps Melvillian?

 Alpha beta 

  Aphra Ben

 Aphra aphrodisiac      _______________ in a debtor's prison was she
                                                               with hair down to a knee
                                ___________________in the keep winsome 
                        _________________________a lone lone bee

_________No was that plain rose english Mister jT?

______________  I have been in Greece but never saw '(r)  your name
        ________   along the Greek pyramids leaning tall
        ___________         against the weight of buildings dead long
              ___________          ago 
                          ________            in any resurrected pain
              ______________  the   king's body  for  a   q ueen
            ___________ bearing salt & vinegar
          ____________  finding fife and gift in every thing 
                       _______________ blessed by the accent of thine courting  

                               _______________ Oona had a  choice
                          ____________ thy busyness is bee busy be? busty be thou woman
                         _____________ share holder not cropped
  _____________________worsted by the wool of thy ve(a)inity 
                        _____________V necked sweater  Beth 
                                                _____________ i like your sweater  then 
                       _____________________  of the nights we swam golden and hid
                                  _____________ looked at it later
                                          ____________ was an hind of the lifting cloud
                           _____________noticed it was vaginal flowery
                                          _______Ooona has become no one  by the ship  
                           ______________masting at its furl  _________far off ___to cutter__

                                       not close _______as proximty ____nor thy imagined life________