ever notice that?




heathens is a nice word

   it's made of he and hen and then

  & prayer is rare

it rhymes

someway or another

 'maybe'  'perhaps,'      'was it your  hips?'

  & the way you  read down a t the beach place

prayer's simple dial tone
an after-life to god and all

 eafers and dumbers as the maiden


O ( )r say .....


which is nowhere 



her face

in the total face of stupidity. and where? hand to
  hand .     next word    as you vowel cant find  t  it . hers your s . was i jealous
   of what you could not have.
                         totalo  cocolo. something like this. wind is sweeping the door. mourn one grief.
                                         (somewhere nietzsche talks about being 'jealous of one's own soliutude' )

(on the other hand you can get sick from being alone too much  , by force)

                   sharp as a  wave cupped over her cheek. now the one on top or below.but both 
                               beneath  love's breeze.   our plage sur the infinite trottoir of the city.


her face appeared tender____



them too


 those two were written a few 'chapters' back on different strata/ or smooth bellies of the tarmic


Re -----each word


Franny's got: each word by the button . of a sudden southerly fright.

 not the dying haunts

nor flying geese

but this fleece golden

between the button

no one takes her too somberly! a shout glance! a rearward horse plunging forth the froth laughing back  hung up on the air 

  Jill squares the circle nightly with 'her buttocks' blooming  a wet cement pavement cigarello. no more I to the tuning of the third person.

  Dear I you are no more. A few left bushes to the hutton .
a word prepared for escape.
but even then pissed to the edge of its 'ever green' forest orb and robin to your hood.

each word

inn(finite) (s)
                  roll upward

____pretend a page _________ 

 Between each word Mona hangs a wreckage night| a ball pruned to pollarded circumstance| a rocking ball askant the worked  ouns of the  belly goating perch.
                         A round the island kirk and hill bustle with 
                                the hustle a wall of water 

Not here or near it explains what's come to past.

Now your memory 's a  a  a   fear which come to fresh posture in that rank branch  of what was it's killing 

Thence its work bines the cow requisite to its fearful throng. A word creates another beside twitching weir crumbled

at the near end of the edge of  a word of the spotless of

 pier? Mona 'shair raising failure  /allure. Jill's product is the hummerdrummer  J_____. The dancer ina chair without fail her fauve past has not pastshe's rigged to a chair dancing still this fauve breast her hips wore swinging chairs to   

breath again   

Jill steels herself pen

                                                                  Franny or Fanny fainting finding dharma of good looks Buddha not a simple recogition but a working to the creating



Re: ...remanded



  with commanded.

  & what happens to those that don't follow commands?  Ah! what eerie fate! a lover's choice!
  to fall down on the ground! in hate! and remand! a demand! a command!  a custer's last
   stand?       but the rhyme putters off like any goodness sake &
     life's short but brutal


     okay back to rhymes climb dime
    command remand




   An Observation __ Mona's career point . No one has a  dog a dig a dig's where you camp out.


'between each moment a radical taste for life sojourns us.
not governed by the  idea of anything we move  on
taking our carpenters with us left right to the song out front

does any recognize the kit moment ?
 a through  innocence believes its hour tacking
at sunrise  blinking at a word's carnal color

close to a fragrant rose vivified by plus and minus
antonymed  and sanctified a taste long worn its sunrise'

(catch this please it's as a collaege a bit of torn paper)


 She wrote that quite awhile ago?
Yes I did i mean she did in her spare time catching a train
not a 

Jill'd held  the hugger-mugger long enough but can't find her mothe r.  Running across the double circumflex of a  crucifixion he had to get out of a fast moving chariot avoiding Roman gladiators onthe way and other arseholes bargained by the toot toot of the Dominion of Canada. 

Is that sort of a versicle to written rages of booth? A booth in air where she lives. I am envious. coveting her strange evenings.




love continually demanded of me


' a line


'Resume and return the night's are day.





I said to her ... or was thinking of saying ,

      or she was thinking

         do you like ice-cream better than my bum?

  I wanted to say, with a smile      laughing the way we do

  I'd prefer your ice-cream bum 
     any old day !