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I Sing the body electric >_that's Walt Whitman>>>

Now And about desire __

"lack and desire: In a tradition that reaches from Plato to Lacan and beyond, desire has been understood as negative, abyssal, a lack at the level of ontology itself (this was most clearly articulated in Hegel's understanding of the lack [of the object] of desire being the necessary condition for the maintenance of desire), a lack in being that strives to be filled through the (impossible) attainment of an object. Lacan calls this lack un manque-à-être a "want-to-be" (or a wannabe ?) 

For Georg Simmel, "the possibility of desire is the possibility of objects of desire." (The Philosophy of Money, p. 66)

For Simmel enjoyment is a unity similar to the state prior to the differentiation of subject and object. With the observation that "our mind has a remarkable ability to think of contents as being independent of the act of thinking, he observes that "In desiring what we do not yet own or enjoy, we place the content of our desire outselves....We desire objects only if they are not immediately given to us for our use and enjoyment; that is, to the extent that they resist our desire." Value is characterized by this separation, which takes the form of a claim or demand. 

The purpose of establishing a distance is that it should be overcome. Withdrawal and approach are the two sides of our relationship to objects, which we call subjectively our desire and objectively their value. For Simmel, aesthetic value is the most complete projection of our feelings. "The content of the feeling is, as it were, absorbed by the object and confronts the subject as something which has autonomous significance, which is inherent in the object." (p.73)

can you dig it?
a subject object

a face state
a trans-versal

where the versal
is the versicle of yer body

fire sheet
like an ol
thing to
big bellied
in the mustard sun
corn stalks
blasted by midafternoon wind
bulky blustery wind

that blows
until his Cheeks Puff Out
all the sky