what of it


the prb. of the I and the fictions... is it a problem? How does I work its self in relation to the others whose fiction 'I've' created..... the fictions are a way of knowing so they were , and the I texts are ways to know as well. 'I' am not sure just how this is done _ Just yet. Perhaps its madness. The I cutting itself . Not literally, but as the semi-centre of subjectivity. The I must disappear as center. it must become the acentered centered of subjectivity. A kind of rotating I_self.

the sufferings of the body and. mind. and the Alone. Monster or creature? who created this? planet of uneven officials spaces of leaf and river life death and the full bodied ass walking broad daylight.You found your guide in philosophy. How else where? where in that book does the dot 'begin and end' death tracing its nerves.

____________The consciousness that produces this type of writing, this verse paragraph ending with the words "its nerves" is a consciousness that is , like every other form of consciousness, temporary.


In the diction of the fictions
I've created more joy ~. every element in them
even those hours or plateaus of dark rage
are founded by a joy stronger
than all of them.