weekly daily hebdomadaire

------------------------------------- thoughts on a day _____________

daily weekly i have to 'deal' with liars, lunatics, maniacs, deluded ones, self deceivers, praters, complainers, delayers, sick ones , depressives,
__ fat brains no brains no anything!

stupid grandiose cheaters, thieves, pests, whiners, __ driven by greed, fear, and a ___ self-loathing. and these are not even the Schizos! the Schizos that everyone criticizes!

The schizos are a beautiful suffering enigmatic song

Harp of beauty/evasive ciper

___ whereas these monsters of ego, paranoiacs jerks, sly pathetic self ambitious
the self pitiers
and money wankers
the i pod bums
the capitalist robot women floating along in a dream
the lunatic men wrapped in the electronic haze
of the consumer womb
even when they move
they are sedentary molarmaniacs
the depressed will to power of the weak and ugly resentful ones

the rancour of the beautiful ones
raging eyes!

the insecure ones with two apartments
one in the country
another in the city

the owners
of investments
rights, wrongs, stocks,
bogs, bonds,
boos, bahs,

bees' bonnets
of mud
of the future
the just bought a condo couples
and families of half

the deciders and undeciders
the want to be & gonna be
and the judges
forever ganging up in the second
of its

and the lawyers
and hagglers

this this ~


the wrath o f the fat and skinny
t he lonesome and middle class
discontented twos and threes the half baked believers
in capital's good.

capitalism 's only code
saving the few a the infinite
expense of the many
and the universe
getting poorer daily

and the half dead teachers
and gruelers of grammar
the possessers of papers
& tittles degrees, abrogating
arbitrating delegating
the deciders of the future of women men the kids the infinite lines of dead animals the kingdom of peace capped forever in the cashflow of war
and its mutilations and
the justifiers of peace and war for peace the fringers
demanding their 'rights' and the hackers of love
the denizen dozens of security and
old age pension and guarantee
and democracy for all by tiny fewers
and the deciders
of what writers do and dont do
the editors and bookmakers
and the doctors and engineers
the premieres and members of
this committee and that
and the ones who've absconded
the endless hidden wealth
and the my house not your house
my property not yers
the beggars
and con men
the weak kneed
the stony hearted
the dead
the cogs


between these sicknesses
I breath


I find