All the bodies in these verses are imaginary.


Smooth space is a field without conduits or channels. A field, a heterogenious smooth space, is wedded to a very particular type of multiplicity: nonmetric, acentered, rhizomatic multiplicities that occupy space without "counting" it and can "be explored only by legwork." They do not meet the visual condition of being observable from a point in space external to them; an example of this is the system of sounds or even of colors, as opposed to Euclidian space.

-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
A Thousand Plateaus (p.371)

thats like your body __ all over the place. here there mouth elbows, ankles, yer feet.my mouth confused donned with yours. wearing it, you, in my skin, my heart, flicker to your donation. a bare preseence of your dove. as night goes deeper, its lust . rolling over tumble down head over heels mouth to mouth mouth to sex fire of legs . more

that cant be spoke n. we stir.
fall lose
i hear y our wheeze your heart,
knowing its real, yer body
your feet hurt by love

and by love’s revival born back again.
come to me


I know your secrets. what you want. and how
you secrets are my clandestine reason.
we sit in it.
a reason to secrecy sorcery . a heart wiedling more than its weight can bear