home movie frida and diego

Why are they icons?

suffering ,, beauty ,,, talent ,, love

are these two more important to you? than the french couple?

O... that's hard to , yes, but yes, in a way, because the Kahlo Rivera couple are more visual more close to the people of ordinary life,
but you know it - the colours and the story of her suffering ,,
the spine her work her self portraits and
the difference between them ,,, I mean heis is this enormous man,

big big big man a nd Gigantic Mural and so on Dozens hundreds of characters in them he is epic, eh, like a bard, a homeric epic to his peeople, ad the working people.. yes,

and she she was this aristocratic tiny woman suffering in her body
like a martyr a christian martyr constantly being tortured day and night
you can see some of her Diaries here

yet she paints! she paint s and paints an she is getting around ,, and her diaries and journal have you seen them...

yes yes maybe

and they are both politica, such political beings

__ but do you speak Spanish ?

No no But my eyes See

and they were beautiful Communists, Socialist, friends of Leon Trotsky they helped give him shelter, yes