did you see that movie made about her? two three years ago?
I was interested I was goin to but then I came across an interview the woman who was goin to act the part of Kahlo ... after reading that i thought the woman was stupid and she could not play a role that important, that Kahlo was a great artist, n o one doubts, so it takes a great artist to play one, these people who made that film are not great ,,, I dont even ,, remember their names it's shameful really the way they think they can do that and cash in we,ll, it 's nothing,her work lives on , I dont why I have this friend of mine, a painter she does not like her, i think maybe she was envious because she too is sick and ill very sick but she was goin blind and she was not able to paint, but really ti was something else not blidness
and I she I think wanted someone more like Rivera to love,
but she go t stuck

its sad or if not sad well, its not so good to be stuck
when yer ass's stuck like that

is that a true story?