Poet's ditty re Duty

is this coheresive? persuasive? readers, writers/ dadas mamas

Poets qua Poets don't have a Duty t a aNything But Poetry ameriCan poets who've been oedipalized and institutionalized

forget this but perhaps its us Canadadas with our medicare MamaCare who are OediPus Babas

I mean if people , spend so much time talking about Poetry, they will for get to do it.

anYhow when it comes to Duty we get shivers

Genet never spoke of Duty

Nor did Tzara / I dont know Im fusedrefusedinsouciant no exactwords paaaaaaaaaaaallllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats what drove Artaud Arttoe mad and he knew it look what he says aboutthe other poets in comparison to himself
shall I compare thee to a Summer Surrealist
Thou art more bifurcated and rough tought as silicone
Denotated than dolt golder than connote and its folute cease and desist overwhelmingly tottingly sililiver suns

but it is a concetta 'all a conversation ' Shall I say a tergiversation? Yes, indeed and the fictional poet speaks. at Least I here , the fictional poet speaks. If one can call this speaking. Like an American woman poet's voice.

et felix? Felix speaking of duty referred to Kant and Wordsworth's late pome which mentions Duty /that rhymes with Beauty ~
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