ohHH? and


               how do  you make the machine stand down     
                                                                                            not up?

the world is filled with choose ( chaosmose)
   not shoes

(Douglas Carter died on Sunday)

--------A dirty agencement to get that asSemBlage emblem blem blem em em  goin
  the other way to a line of love fight. Not A StoP SigN. O

 twisted to the winter deterritorialization of becomings clung around the room of varoom. This brick-layer
becomes  a  a,  a, a , bricoleur. Dig. Ya do dig. Not as collage but as rip-ups and further bit becomings
counter the grail of holy knowledge truth brung back the tinier sprig and cocoon. of the butterfly.

So she invoices the revoice. A receipt to hearing its thing cordage. She's a fine wrap. Azure fly.

'Strange attractors...' lovers.. the quantum of literature. Indeed holding one's hand 
 an 'unconscious' one at that, to the future.

 limited to the quantum of writing he discusses----

who writes your poems of love and dog(s)
  struggle with that thing shaped as a  
  on the bus
    layed  as,
   as a
                 blonde as her ... Ofor
    an adage, of love's clandestine phase?


  Now take the thimble fill it for water praying to the geese guessing there's no name to vouchsafe nor playing around the kid to eternity? 
           She fumble the loan 'making good ' her come-back. As any spare worn suitor.




Now doesn't he
look cool as if
he was 

just seeing 
meditating ecstasy