waiting for the snow
   a blanket of hay

  abs  and  (HOLd your Mouth wide open for this please MEGAPHONE
Pas Metaphor ) empires King and ding(Ding an sich) sich ? something was it
that disaster minded thing made by the emperor
   ascot and ribald reminder    thing gone past its esteem and
                        the growling night is that what you said drowning night Mister
   and Mrs Homer went to bed and upon awakening found their
 (dead) (deaddread her head)  dread had dissipated waking up schizoanalytic as anything exploding
               across the sun of life and she offering her thing up to me take it take

it O the rise O the rise O  the Mrs the rise O rise anus
  and the god Anubis coming across the thunder and darkness
  as any page does over the air was this culture in a free thinking scholar
was there room for you and for a few and this way over the yellow sidewalk
 the lights forever going dim the whole world a big fat cake of tormented
saunter and sidereal potato chips and does this eat? the grand big scholar
a nd she's telling bipolar something she sees things distorted lens and her 

sponsor who's got the biggest most shapely wearing a low key gear hat 
  a jailor for a boyfriend husband lover and she was a prisoner ina  Lebanese
sexring for  a joint across the sea and no one lives at the sea anymore just
the international navies of nations spyin evading playing war game night afternoon
and the bending rays of the lover at any court seems this way to reckon
her name and plight bethrothal to ploy and polygamous son of Adam and she loves art to                                                       say her muffin is puffin on the Antartic playing ground love's unfound being in the 

nothingness infinite river its palaver ever after  

Adam's  has Eve's by the merry wedding of the gif and fit filter and women
                who bully donning the gown of the western limes the tern dropping speed
                              wheeling around the pediment not this dizzy sight of the winning    
                   losing the horrible sight of the knights on the field yield what is passionate

and losing every near start nor tricked bythe snow banging against the mountain
-------------------------------This way someobody said Jill not bipolar bipolarity of the schizoid flip and the 
paranoiac rip   ~ cALL IT A  TEXT DRA - yes she is her body preen.n perfecting M her mouth perfect revolt on the square that milloons marching are feared non e as the v    a                 c                a           n             t 
                              l                  o             t        s

            o             p                   e              n


in those book