thanking Corry Shores

Corry Shores has been posting a series of Entry directories for the various thinkers, artists, painters, poets and film-makers who interest him.

 I'd like to thank him once more __(repetition gives value to meaning)for his intelligent and sensitive readings and commentaries on some of the work that I post and blog     ~ iT GOES with saying that Corry Shore's own philosophical investigations are always of interest to this reader      ~.


I, on the other hand,  am the worldest worst discursive writer ~ there are times I can barely think at all and writing works for me as a function of this poetic-desire machine  ploughing and cutting and mining its way through the articulate and inarticulate moments of living and breathing   ~ the body
and non-body as art   ~.

so how does one thank ? One says 
thank you
and thanks


thanks to thanking
hands held shaking
over sea and time
to thanking thanks
thanks to thank
thank to

and rivers the way across

Outside and In