it was/ it s

some women this one you are a  pleasure to watch speak

so love goes at first bidding
 the city buses are filled with them
   and the  One alone goes walking
             and he's alone as the city matures , daily , yearly ,, making its way.. and the night goes.. he thinks of you , yes     ~.


the conformity of the event    ~ NEED need not end there    ~ you are speaking

Are your eyes like that C? big and searching?
moons and satellites

--------------------- 'in the same universe'

----------------------------------------and here are 
thoughts from text machine

_______________Why would a woman bed scared of shit? and the bungabungawooand
               the bungabunga do?_what the What the real Montrealdoes is mix everyone up and that
is why it is eat and how come the why the state  wants to end it because it cant control it

-------------------------------------------------------------------------speak to you yes  I do . 
want to .

---------------------------------  this city is filled with people    ~  THE