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Mona  has her pants on backwards. its theway of the sun and other thunder. not the making of spic and span
but the wonders of

tobacco and other skirts
and this way her boots shine ganders? Appollo and the rambunctious nuts  bury that bury their hold on ? parry four shifts  

waiting for the English accent accident  alean over vowel and knock knock kncok crries the wood the worsted wool

bussing burying burr brrrr winter's huddle cold and the infinite  something something cold
that worries its vendors keeping their bay     Does the  Spy camera work? O that accent is so slippy-slidy    ~ hOW That

accent pulls pulls me down into her thighs sliding down into the whirl of its sensual beauty and craven wanting hunger 'even

the reception' my phOWN phonetic split of goodbye lover how it involves you like an English accent O yeah pulling one in the

London british goodbye bytes to the river Thames    ~  o Thane of Cawdor

No one builds like you  . And the 'foregin' florn gullies say .  this is Mona's chance bacon  beckoning beacon and. the

alliterative stances    ~ .

aND THE self-consciousness wears like a worthy scurver. Surveryller? is that she word. Come to say Humpt-Dumpty! and the

monster combines. like a cement truck, no, a cement truck turgid rutted the spring load. Load! now there's a dirty word,

laughter. Hers echoed in mine ear, the porch of    ~ says shakespeare, webster, daniel, the white devil  the white dog's

breast look at these super bodies healthy as the strain of its wearing straning at the leash of the bdoy~ plucked by the

stream and bothered by its end . Limit. And what sign is that wears its only flesh? Not so , a  nun .

everyone knows this vitality comes from Elsehwere. Elsehwere is nowwhere not Nowhere but somewhere off as  no like Elsinore

whence the Dane d.n.a.

As it turns out the smoke (smile) was thick. Piston possibly 'too thick' . Period after    ` . Period sentence . A period

sentence was no good . Laughing like Bess that similar sort of hehehe with an up note at the end which i dont know how to do

how to make a million bucks sitting in a cafe and one disfounded distanciated by the gods of

Go to england Do not Pass Go you forgot it    ~ . it's her . Jewish accent laughter ? blonde hair frizzy on the two toned of

give and take?

Come again we'll see     ~
We will .ve slid.

air to breath errtobreath

football not soccer javelin? line ligne

hahhahahehehehe again that he I cant catchcapture? she's ringnose tiny discret disscretion. Mona's forte. there again. again

there that . walk? saunter to rue its belle belief.

wan a  lover
wants  a lover?
she's rippled the end the end? what talk you whence its bending leaf  .

And what about the scenery ? I think there's nothing worse than a March.

But the March of times. Ah, the garbbage picker     .  O look at them there cloudcrowds crowned by dollar andcent. would

dollar and cent
And the crowd?

Think of Cassius and the poet    ~ Ore is that Oarpheus oar your boat gently Orpheus headsad to Sappho and the buckweeds the

scrurry .

the menwomen in darkglassed vests appear walk as cutting machine. Not a desire machine workingas it breaks bearing leaves