writing that thing you called it the way not a simple thing but the body's name over a thousand miles

writi g t at yo are ot writig meas yo are writig
of all the stupid typewriters I hav e seen and heard why UPpEr case That I . and it's the relative fault of grammar that  permits gangs of whatdoyoucallthem to be gainfully employed. Employed gainfully. Mona'sa shussy babe gathering geese on her name. Someone, not anyone has a hope to be home before ten. Not a Marxist or a woman with her wavey hair parted in the middle wearing a button down blouse.A white stuffed shirt revealing  the fullness of her love breasts. her breasts every breasts a love breast

by saying you are not writing you are writing
by writing that you are not writing  so
you are writing 

says who you're not writing says you and you're  you
your youeye is the gizmo don't say you're not writing
when I am writing I am writing you and the way it goes
its  'hacked' in the street  ~ why call it a hack?