tend night


sunshine whirls night/the body's eyes are fooled

           foaled in the crawled garden

 already how half showing part naked part youth to mouth the south?
     |||||||||||||||||||| you are already half-showing your
      ||||||||||||||||||| (perfect youth) naked/take off
demonstrating a perfect design weather storm of lust love's lorn factory? a factotum a bell two to two along the riverside of lips. One gets carried away with the docking of wharves and boats.
     |||||||||||||||||||| your clothes.slip off your shorts
                                          flip off your tee shirt

   get dressed to leave in ambigous desert a perfect gigabyte of speech
a figure of addressing and leaving as I have heard your calls 

                          and night's certainly a dark harbinger of friends , fire stations  ,
                                                                                                 and lovers
                                           as your beauty presages every sculpture  .

_____________________________In the fictions, on the other hand, Mona's a  shady  shakedown purveyor of on the run,
and moving quick 
as nimble sheets to number's design.