_ blood and


The novel— a flock of geese flew which the snow had dazzled. [Perceval]
saw them and heard them, for they were going away noisily because of a falcon
which came drawing after them at a great rate until he found abandoned
one separated from the flock, and he struck it so and bruised it that he
knockedit down to earth.... When Perceval saw the trampled snow on which
the goose had lain, and the blood which appeared around, he leaned upon his
lance and looked at that image, for the blood and the snow together seemed
to him like the fresh color which was on the face of his friend, and he thinks
until he forgets himself; for the vermilion seated on white was on her face just
the same as these three drops of blood on the white snow.... We have seen a
knight who is dozing on his charger.

 Year Zero  Faciality  173