when do you stop writing a poem? forever. never. n'en. what does that sound signifigy? n'en means ? nt sure. like sideways. headache. and the  ... the ....

we're headache. we ? who ar ewe ? someone else to be. stretching

________________________________what is signifigy? when does a spelling error become a knowledge foreceast of some new thing An appaling horror? some frightful thing on the wind? some terror? gargoyle monster ? a word escapes the brain bird. what mouth of rue? do. She do and does. he does and do. they care and pair. paring the pruned shark of deterritorialization

do you write
i cannot write
do you live?
i live  do
you live write
do i can
i can write do
live breath in out you
live write do


                             dew and right lite/ do right lite  do