and rain and

because the rain speaks we hear it  ~ Jill hears the rain. She hears  . It     ~ it

hears (adheres) to 'the' rain ' standing to its box in the rain    the wind

 hears th e rain Jill knows the rain

                 rain knows Jill


   Jill approaches rain
it rains as rain
it rains it
                                                                 it is that rain that Jill to Mona to Franny her fanny rain too her fanny fat franny fanny to jill her rain to mona to oona   ~

  her rain fanny her parapluie her parasol her 

_____________________it is a different 'mood'  as she approaches. Poaches the approaches the Apaches rain/ thunder cloud/ rain/ as charges its best / charge

 charge to rain light  light drizzle or drizzle to wade to two to its twoowoo too
Miss Schizoanlysis miss mrs schizoloid to her bra her taste the taste of your bra your back rain

rain back to her bra to rain she rain rain she ran ran she ran to
she was raining
  raining she
okay switch. broomstick to the dawning witch width   ~