isnt living /this?/ 
  / a war / zone
                                                 ( that's delicate to the eye)

    that woman 'as bones in her head

_____                      _wld fain pain  would?
            tween virtual an' the real  
                virtuale şi reale
 __                                                asked how are you 

  daily weekly it's form of torture
its what idiots do
   the fascism 

___________________Sowing   ~ how does one 'deal' with this . Fiction One trundles fiction


                                               4 secs



                                    bod y                   
                                                                                        your imagine d 

Inside       the outside of my body          not  spies   ~   Or espry or turn that wordleafover

    I becomes she become   ~ he-she yet   ~
get rid of 'it's'