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Two Down as ....

4 Feb 11 2011
by Bassam Haddad

[11:10 am EST]

Husni Mubarak steps down as President of Egypt after a 30-year reign, and power is transferred to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. It appears that Omar Suleiman, the recently appointed Vice President, will have no role in the emerging political formula, but details have not yet surfaced.

The implications are grand, for Egypt, and beyond. But the jubilation at this moment must be reserved for Egyptians who struggled for decades and brought the symbol of the Egyptian regime down in a matter of 18 days of protests around clock and country.

All reactionary forces inside and outside Egypt are on guard at this moment . . . as they should be. We will discuss those later. Also, much can go wrong in this transitional process, stripping the revolution of a good deal of its gains. The political game will now be transferred to the organization and institutional realm, where people power can play a role in the long term to the extent it is organized. One thing for certain: there is no foreseeable return to uncontested power.