... ______________ becoming ......


 before these words
there's sufficient  
it's what supposes the fact 
                                  that's  a  tall order

              as some might have said it ,,  it,  
it's a tall order, buddy , not hearing Bodhisattva  between 
                                                     the vowels

(Mister) (a humdrum echo Mister T,that'll fool'em)

come along then your pragmatic fact to the debt glorious free 
to your hanging pen forges the sacrifice greater if eyes 
                                             are to be gone 
with the night of its predecessor the something something 
                                minor to its song

of winter's precious cargo not buried by the will ,, 
'yet the will it must hav
        taken to live '

no lover held out so (long)
 far over the world's
not the memories of radio's false reel tearing apart of genuine


  and the word i will not say ,, the easy out ,, so the fiction , 
take harmony from that place other than to its tangent  song

that woman'll risk the classicals 

                intensity to their  favored league 


___________________________________________________________________ ___________



Wasn't a song after all! at all! 
       was just a test! an experiment Expérimentez!  DiG iT