you read spoke ~

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you read spoke~

Un Deuil

spoke I spoke of veils and poverty. Or modesty. What is a veil, but a verily which conceals ___. Sur le point des amants __ what was the word, my love, what was the word, which I sound but do not know. Is it that which keeps the hidden secret? Is there a scent here of secret, and lover's maid? A "jeu de mots" commes des amants sur St. Denis. Sur? Perhaps in St. Denis, that faubourg I 

__ No I never went. J'ai jamais allez. Walk the street of Paris,

like a nightmare seeking its lover.
Who's cooled the bridges of hate.
You never called. When you did,
the telephone broke.

Someone was broke.
Words from your language. Sound.
Sounded. In the Night.
Why make capitals, when allegories do.
as wine cut the lip of your speak.

Speaking to him. Parlez a lui.
Oh well, you know, tu sais,
the world, the world,
is a big city. Un[e] grand ville pour les ponts, et les villes.

As lovers, I send you this lip, a hand.
Over yours to mine in the elbow of your thought.
A grimace. Or a leaping sheet.

No, something naked, then, my body
, yours, here, between these sheets,
electronic or cotton, soft as electricity
can only be.

Did I already say?

We are not interested in the Empire. the pool of Bethsheha will do for u s .

or say sent?

did you?

Not sure, is not I ~ .


of not sure its I wrote I that he is _ he as he seeking . round its labyrinth. no pretense to the fortune of love or its kiss.
round to hyaline. her belly . her.
______________________________its possible you wrote this before. before you did. yes you write it before. that way its for    _____________.