dog hadyn

---------------------------------------------farther continuations of the interview . tape 32:A.

Cp_______________You dont even like Hayden! and you dont like radio canada! you lie and confabulate! diggin'

Cduffy_____________ The heart of the story taler is luv. Love. Love. a mouth a glove. not someone whining about personal events writing the old proverbial shite. Malarkey odd complaint. But not'l'aint, and laine pur wool.

Cp____but errors in poesy last centuries! les centimes des desirs! des siècles!~

Cduffy___ But this is the internet you dummy! not the centuries nor the archives!

Cp____ and the pen ? the glass the glass on which the pen writing? I mean that it writes on glass?

CDuffy__ If I had a glass pen I'd kiss it alnight and love it til' the cows come home ~

Cp_ you cant afford a glass pen! dear with your economy there's nothing but wealth in your pockets never mind nibs or bottles of ink for them.

CDuffy________ My dear I am a glass pen. Spilling my fountain in every ink.