It will and will

If you hold the mouth of Truth, It will burst out its rib-cage. Somali proverb

O mouth truth beauty my dove
it is you
you I the
body its cross
across the carry

You its carry cross
mouth truth of its cage
you its bird sun
rib of my Eve
Eve of rib
the Lillith sigh
over wood of city

I've submitted to you
its narrow paysage
the country of its chink
and it's only with you
I'll find repose on the bus
the coralled crowded bus
with you he thought
there'd be repose

languishes body
you its proverbial
verb water of mouth

unlatching the cage
Thisbe says this is it
why not
see the page
where her love
over the water
hell spent
in the spout of her desire

of fires and animals
beast and near the flame of feast
end-rhyme to desire eye
her eye seeing running
in its dedication
its devotion to her by the Me I

but what I
is that who
says memory's
no place

in my long arm willow
that along the walking avenue
memory h'as all packages
picking slips
receipt of mouth lip
taken O breath forsaken
foreword the body of her breast
to my chest
in the skinny instance of its alarm

Can I
whatever I is
harm that
hinder it

what book erudite recalled
of the weight on sentences
weighs this breast of hers to my mouth ?