_____________East Vancouver Jan/ 20 &21

 walking upside down each moment I saw your face
 you were smiling 
  O how that was a circus in my sobriety a true turn of a wand & wandering one there's
 more to come and come as you  ‘always know the danger’ 
  (or should say  knew? )

                 it’s  phosphate snow outside 
             crumbling brick   the window & black gown held down daintily  
                          hand &  finger (a finger of speech)
                                  your ever so     finger
                               a day



… after I returning  Bosnia  ?  Herzegovina?…Zagreb .. Dalmatia and ..
    Off  the wall down the ..  . Tiber   Eh? the border Jordan & Iraq..  heard  .. gunfire  teachin’ hehheheHinglish. .. I  see th e.  Jets come down. ´Racing ´. .. don’t get it over.. razin the desert ...c rack of boom thunder fire cruise missle bruise the old sands of war itself a thousand year...  thee 
Star glittering star glitter ., lightening over above around shapes. the desert   sky. .
 …. mind..  you outdated.  .. ones  and twos.   ..no one person've appreciated the danger nor    I he’s done   with her it’s the anti head l’antitete ..with her wedding  .. desire
of ‘those’. .  .   maniacs on the other side of the border! 
 phfantasy of their insane Caliphate shades of Nabi rousing up from desert swarms 
                   What made me think me of. 
    Russia circa 2003? then later
                                    the war with Georgia was revving up...

                                                     now you know how come 

                                                            i have prbs with knees

                                               kneeling in the snow 

                                           outside of what was Leningrad

                                                    now renamed after a fisherman saint

   (a Russian pretender not the man falling from the ship)

                                              strange disarray of names and love

 And not so strange live mines in the gutters … up to the stink  ..


then think of that sniper couple in Stalingrad during the War the  big one  ..  who has lost more?


  w here has there been such drought such dreadful death stalking down the leaves/ the hanging / cutting the hearts through sheaves

          of transparent blood gutters bursting its sides ...