The J, hotel



I think Ill be calling this suite of poems The Interstate Motel, No, the The wig between the sun, Your Legs Your love,

Crippled I am and crippled you were,

 you've been  been   like with guitar , stand up bass, kettle drum?     doing __

You  added a character named May \

 to the hotel's cast of personages, and Jill, who is a perceptual persona from the Fictions of Deleuze and Guattari, a series I wrote over a period of a couple of years maybe 5 and which are dormant  .. at this time,  None of th at is

true we are not using it with the music,

don't even think of it  for cying out loud!

ANd no more periods please!   ,  comma comma ,

  Blog it!

  of course as all my readers know only you can access these mysterious poems! which ae secretly written in the voice of time,