I love an ancient work for its novelty.... albeit I don't post as often to              this blog
the consideration that it's still here has its own attraction so bouncing back and forth here
After all Here for the time being is described a s a satellite



this poem (was)is from a small? series  You were..I am writing , it refers to stories in the different books that were not included in the official list which makes up the volume, or canon of the Bible. o r in your most recent book of which blogs re numerous ...


Other gospel stories, like those of Mary, and doubting Thomas, Judas , Pilate,  gave me the idea of trying out these poems which are like conversations between the characters and myself and the ideas most of us are familiar


                                 and so let us say




























_---m  luter

 (Cp How long did it take you to write that..
C:  About a half hour?... yet you see... i was practicing in my head a few days? before writing it out a moment like that might be in the-making months ahead a genesis of thought then it words itself out, shaping the head, and
i come along and fiddle with it later,)  (in live performance it would be tweaked al l  lover   )
CP it sounds like you're pulling my leg!
  C: yes
(Tail Plateau.. the primary prose... before C.  Before Christ was Jesus ... B.C.)