..fair forest of ringing hooves...




                                        Behind and below the Great wall... of signifiers?

                       or plus signs of a woman's love

               as i brought my s... s  back from Upper coast British Columbia... landed at

 West Vancouver but shortly headed to East Van....



   and we headed to East Van in the blowing rain the wind uplifting the docks






Memories of Victoria and a Hushed out fair forest of ringing hooves and the Centaur

.. and your trip to Africa? Russia?


        9 years ago, and twice beffore to the old  ...    .  R,
                               it was a   time and  ahalf,  half  time ,
                     duty post and beauty ,
                   rain and hair, loon and loom
                    after the deep pause of japan
                     you knew i had room to move,
   red hair and a boon of gold  spun surface  in the seeking rain

            you came to find me in a  long bed in a  lonesome hotel
                   with hints of esp around me and far put out hope  of
                               burnishing woods gleaming in the
                                          foreign long woods

                            and i came to tell me more,                         like you,

it was then a departure sudden
 microsecond to go
seconded by negotiations and trade of useless goods
borne by slaves and salivating lovers
no pear would free you
next to the pontoon of those going overboard
in a hurry 
drowning hands and feet not a coal nor a freight wheel not a groove
but death death 
its the one thing enemy gotta go
before each seizure a plate of  gooo.. food bumped off words and thing,
i loved her before i was born 
even embryo i loved her
she was my wife always,