Because you were in the arms of someone else (from that Song)


Because you were in the arms of someone else, and I didn't feel
   good looking seeing feeling like a fool I

 stood on the stairs you
 Looking out of the window. how do you feel, sensing

 it that way knowing

what everyone felt about us, hearing, it'd gone wrong 

our marriage just started

   on the rocks

I entered i.e. only to find, you slouched over the couch 

yr slippers kicked off letting the
bath run water spreading down the floor over the rig the boat leaking                   

 I heard the moans the whispers, groans 

  the cries of danger, yowling midships


  How did it feeling knowing you humiliated us, not me, but us,



june is,


   June is you longing for someone far    ~
               send tender  wishes,  greetings,
                      yet  bodies hunger,yours want  for more, arms, legs , breath,
                                                 eyes close up lost in gazes,kisses,
                                     O let the clouds become us & carry the night's love, this these eyes a
                                                     our mouths molded &  strung together    ~
                                                                          our bodies shape molded in one




'Vancouver, __________________________the eastern bowl! the western end of the world! Love
                                                                  off Broadway and 37 the avenue
                            overlooking the  valley .. there's the train over there.. a little east..
                                                                                             from where I'm standing .. 

     it's been too long,
                                     my good old Vancouver,



i lost,


  i lost a poem, said Lot's daughter looking to the future and her marriage
    license expired and there was no one there looking to see her, and
         the bright blue sky poured rain
                  thick as paint on the five dollar star

      With a warrant out for your arrest you were Noah's son clogging
                on the nightmare of history mystery novels and royaltyies in banks,

i lost a p,


  i lost a poem and can't , it was something about June and the moon and in love,

             and the rakes and the great dead men or the women sweeping with their dresses,
            i lost the rhyme and the secret the scene the mean,
                       and the inspired Miss Clean
                                          with her Ajax toilet,

                                              and it went something like this,


yr face


our face and eyes were a cop, putting me down     you

 weren't the first,





Never have you been so beautiful losing you I knew
  it was true nothing like your heart'd palpitate nor beat near mine again i was worn an old stone, broken
out in love rash burnt and basted,
  but your courage & high heart,
            your mind, your proud fiery steel ,
                 yes most of all your love,
                           running over (to me )
                                   sea and sky
                                          it was you
                                                it was me
                                                  in  my fedora
                                                              hiding out in my subconscious hat,
                                                               you were all brave standing out
                                             fearing nothing giving all, your cards and tokens,
                                                                  gifts and knick-knacks, no one was more
                                                    beautiful nor honest, more fierce
                                                                         no one more lovely in her shape and form,
                                                                        than you you your beauty, your love,
                                                                              i was a comma breaking tide,
                                                                                                sick as a thief on the side of a road,
                                                                                                        turned inward
                                                                                                              on the involutionary                                                                                                                                           scale,
                                                                                                   written by time,

                                                                                                               broken weeds,
                                                                                  and turning around the corner there you were,