re what :Iceland Ireland


   CP  Iceland  & Ireland are almost identical  ~  which is the one you visited first and previously as well as severally?

 CD, yes the first three letters, 2 vowels, one consonant, stands for Celtic?
                     she's lifting her chin,

                  upseeking, upspeaking,  

' except Iceland the land of caves and primitive dirges is not catholic at all,

          i waked on the beaches finding pebbles a thousand years back the names of gods
                                       scrawled on their back,
                        and on the backsides of  women rolling breakers peeling forth
                              the high hung goose! the golden gander!
                                  Not truly Celtic but Norse like Nordic, '

 some other race of seafaring
also Ire is not cold but hot ice is deep as the earth the body without organs penetrating the strata,'

off the coast of Vik,   one could almost imagine the Faroe Islands far off,! 



_____________ and what about Iceland then what reason brought you there?

  the day light,  


  Bobby Fischer, the man, the player, the event, its history , his history,

                the world's the tourament ,   'd a poet,       the caves,
                           the beauty of the North,